CPU and GPU faster than ever before, and the ability to charge 100% in just 30minutes under 65W fast charging options

Apollo has announced then launch date of the day it’s next flag smartphone,oppo Reno Ace following the basic of the earliest convenience please 10x zoom smartphone every allowed, the among expected to be powered by the Snapdragon 855its offer site faster CPU. And GPU compared to other mobile it’s very nice to laugh Reno 10x smart zoom

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Introduced on October 10th

As part of this the launch date of smartphone has been announced as October 10 in single additional side of the paper work development control teaser related work, Apollo claims that the Reno and ace smartphone will reach comfortable

100% charging in 10minutes lots of the benefits

There is no doubt that is the working 509W fast charging technology and found on according to the new basically Mobile Apollo claims opportunity Reno Ace smartphone Will reach 100$ Charing in 30minutes via 65W fast charging technology

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It’s rumours of the ending points Reno smartphone have good will have cured waterfall display and quick scope nex 3X smartphone. After all the App Reno Ace is said to come with a 4000mAh battery power