How To Find Android 10 Update? How to INSTALL it?

In this place, you only get the latest Android 9.0 Pie Update when you install Android 10 Update. Well now, after you’ve made sure you’ve collected all your “old parallels” on your Pixel smartphone, you can start installing Android 10!

Open the Settings app on the Google Pixel smartphone.

Now scroll down and select the System option.

 Then in the System menu, choose Advanced.

Now the Advanced option will expand and become three menu settings.

See if the update is displayed in System Update.

 If “Update Available” is displayed then it means that you have got Android 10 update.

Now click on the System Update option.

 Now your Pixel smartphone will search for updates and automatically download and install them on your smartphone.

After successfully installing Android 10 on your Google Pixel smartphone, you will be asked to restart your smartphone

Restart your Pixel phone and enjoy using Ant Royde 10, that’s all!

If you are interested in finding out what the new Android 10 OS features like, just click this link.

Why this delay?

Samsung had to delay the release of its Galaxy Fold smartphone due to a variety of hardware issues.

Obviously, to avoid such problems, Huawei is paying extra attention to its foldable smartphone, which is why it is said to be delayed.

Told about the price!

Yu said that the smartphone is very expensive and we had some challenges in this mass production. It is worth noting here that the alleged Mate X smartphone may feature the new Krin 990 processor. What other features can we expect?