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front camera

As for the front, there is a 16-megapixel camera for cell phone and video calls. Apart from this, the Lenovo K10 Note also features major features such as Dolby Audio, Rear Fingerprint Sensor and USB Type-C port. This. The smartphone is available for purchase under two color options – Night Black and Stardust Blue.

The BigPass way Show is still two weeks away. Thus, everyone is eager to see who will leave the Biggbas home this week. Because of this week’s departures, many more twists and turns are likely to take place at the BigPass house. The nominees for i m the only one don of the class i this week’s Bigpas are Cheran, Cheryl, kavin apram Laslia and Gavin. One out of four will definitely go out on elimination.

Gavin is backing the number maximu nobody expevt than one wh was one on the Bigpass voting list this week. Cheran has fallen to second place. Laslia has got the runes in the third. Sherin has been reported to be out of the house this week, as nobody unexpectedly got Sherin less driving. biboos This is definitely sad for Sherin fans. Anyway, at the end of this week, anyway who knows. Here’s the current voting list situation.

The actor has worked hard on Sivakarthikeyan’s iconography and is now a leading actor in Tamil cinema. His Star Value is almost like Vijay and Ajith approaching. His style has been adopted by many. Like Siva, MKB Anand is making films.

Gavin is currently stepping out of the miniseries like these. He is best known for starring in a serial on Vijay TV in a series of short films.

Vijay Sethupathi, who is now regarded as his fellow contestant to impress everybody with his good character and the way he treats his fans, shows that Tamil cinema is doing a good job.