Chandini Ready to star in any event: The hottest club actress!

Actress Regina Cassandra says that I understand the cinema and am ready to play any kind of role.

Regina is the heroine of the hit films like Katie Billa Killadi Ranga, Diplomacy and City. He is acting in “Party” and “Kasada Tabara” after “Mr. Chandramali”. She is acting in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and Kannada.

He is currently in Tamil and Telugu cinema with a selection of good stories. An interview he recently gave his fans has intrigued him. His performance in “Ewaru” has been well received by Telugu fans. He is also praised by cinema celebrities for his performance. Likewise, the film has received good reviews since its release.

Actress Regina is also a leading actress in Telugu film industry. In an interview, he said, “It’s been seven years since I started acting. In the early days, I didn’t know anything about cinema.

He added, “In every film I play, I’m just researching my character. I’m correcting my mistakes. Sometimes I think I’m right, but it’s wrong.

There will also be a violation of the Terms. Now I understand better what cinema is. I am ready to play any role if the story requires it, ”Regina said.