Actor Murali Who died without fullfulling his last wish! Tears of many unknown to cry

Murali Passed Away on september 8, 2010 at the age of 46. evergreen college student in tamil cinema is murali. him son is aadharva murali. since its debut in 1984

He was a mostly college students, untill his last time appearence, The banna kathadii movie shooting while going on. But it was murali who gave a heartwarming performance murali joined a AIADMK in the presence of jayalalitha in 2006.

He was involed in party work in 2010 and the date of st joseph college assembly election date was annonuced. Murali has to him family and friends that he was what activity campagin to win the AIADMK in the election. But before he dead, the last wish came true of murali

Superhero Flims are be the biggest of the hits of the year. new spring in particular has graced the new material of the education purpose then ew series of the flim in the tamil flim industry.

IDHAYAM love for the movie flim for the murali performance has been improved for the everyone.

Although has murali father has in kannada, his mother has live in tamilnadu woman. During the covery issue, his participated in the struggle of the matter tamil flim industry recored his feeling.

Her son aatharva saw the beauty of heroism in the flim banna kathadi. he played the role of murali is small role in the first flim. Banna kathadi starring

Murali last flim was the first flim to be played by his son banna kathadi movie.