A beautiful Sinhala young woman suddenly goes viral admits all the Tamil youth !! Fire- photos !!

Sangeetha was living in London with the Sri Lankan Sangita family, who lives were natives of Sri Lanka.

Sangeetha had visited Vijay’s house and had spoken to her parents.they falling love time

Sangeetha, who is already a fan of Vijay’s, has told her that the parents of Vijay’s parents who traveled to London have consented to Sangeetha’s marriage.

Bigpas Season 3. This season’s contestants have been more welcoming to the public than the other two seasons. big boos did After the event, their actions are getting more and more daily.

In this, Cheran was used as the daughter of the father of Lozlia. But on social media, Cheran has been criticized for pretending to be Lozlia. In this case, Cheran responded on his Twitter page that I was actually a dad to Lozlia.

Following this, Raja, who is currently out in the theater, spoke at the launch of the music video for the Czech film.

And God often reminds me that I am a father. Recently, I was living as a dad while still being on BigPass. Also, I was really, really honest with the show.

I’ve never pretended to be. Father Daughter passionately spoke of his lack of life in this world, bigg boos saying that he had shown his affection. There is no measure of affection for the father-daughter. Those are the days of affection. What is true affection? How deep is affection? That is.