A beautiful Sinhala young woman suddenly goes viral admits all the Tamil youth !! Fire- photos !!

as internet world no one is known when some trending on social media As for the internet, it is impossible to tell who is trending. now a days trending girl native is sri lanka

The photo of Hirushi Vasundhara, a Sinhalese girl, is spreading fire among Sri Lankan social networking users. She is working as a teacher in Gampaha area and is a Sinhala becoma a film actress.

Dasun Nilanjana, a renewned photographer and professor, took this photo to reflect on how a teacher should treat students in a very virgin way. Tamil youth in particular are going viral on the photo of the sri lanka girl.

At the same time, it is undeniable that Hirushi Vasundhara’s photographic repository is proof that reconciliation has occurred in Sri Lanka today, responsibility in spite of some contradictions condition between the majority community and the minority community.

Kollywood star couple Vijay and Sangeeta have been married for 20 years successfully.

Actor Vijay, who was married to his friend Sangeetha during his time in Tamil cinema, got married on August 25, 1999.

Even though the director’s son, who suffered a series of failures in the early stages of the film, Vijay is the star of the film. After this, Vijay’s fan base increased, especially for female fans.